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Visit to the truffle farm

Our truffle farm has been in organic farming certified by ecocert since November 2012. 
It is a 5 hectare truffle plantation comprising 1600 trees of various species. 
The plantation was started in 1998 by our predecessors M. & Ms ALLEGRET,
and was completed in 2002, while retaining some old productive trees
as well as the vine stocks present.


The spirit of the plantation was to restore as much of a natural environment as possible by favoring native plant species, avoiding weedkillers and phytosanitary products in order to find natural conditions favoring the scent of truffles.

Le projet de faire des truffes de qualité est maintenant abouti avec la certification bio.  D'ailleurs cette partie du Périgord Noir est réputée pour produire des truffes très parfumées. Tout cela permet donc de vous offrir des truffes d'une très grande qualité afin de vous procurer un véritable plaisir gustatif.

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Visit to the truffle farm by appointment.
Come and discover the black gold of Périgord through a clear and educational guided tour during which the mysteries of the Périgord truffle will be revealed to you. The visit includes a video projection session to discover the different species of truffles, the characteristics of the truffle soils, the association of the tree and the mushroom... then a walk guided by the truffle grower in the truffle field where you will go to the search for the precious black diamond helped by the Australian Shepherd dog “Umi” or by the truffle fly. During the visit to the truffle farm, you will be led to discover the scents of the truffle, its history, its culture, its mysteries… but also the fauna and flora of the truffle eco-system, the characteristics of the truffle soil….

Price of the visit :

Adult: 13€
Groups (more than 15 people): 11€
Child between (6-12 years old): 6€
Free for children 6 and under

The price includes a video projection session, a guided walk in the truffle field, the search for truffles with Umi, a drink and 2 truffle toasts.
Duration of the visit: 1h30 to 2h00.

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