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Sale of truffles and related products

What is truffle? The truffle is a hypogeal mushroom (which develops underground) and lives in symbiosis with a tree (exchange of different chemical compounds).

It still retains a large part of its mystery, prestigious and fragrant, there are several varieties of which the best known and appreciated by gourmets is the Périgord truffle (botanical name) or tuber Melanosporum (scientific name).

The Périgord truffle is born between May and June and is harvested between November and March.

It is often in competition with Tuber Brumale which is harvested at the same periods, whose smell is less pleasant but which can be an edible choice. There are other known varieties of truffles: tuber Magnatum (white truffle from Italy),

tuber Uncinatum (Burgundy truffle), tuber Mesentericum, tuber Aestivum

(summer truffle).

What to do with the truffle you have just acquired?

Don't try to keep your truffle for more than 5 to 6 days if you want to preserve its scent and qualities. You can immediately put it in an airtight plastic food box in contact with eggs so that they take on the smell and taste (porous egg shell).

Place your truffle on food paper and wipe the egg shell and the box every day to avoid humidity and rotting (two days is enough). You can then eat fried eggs (all the flavor is concentrated in the yolk) or a scrambled egg without even adding truffle or incorporating strips. You can also macerate the truffle in neutral oil (e.g. sunflower) to obtain a truffle oil that you will use regularly for cooking and to enhance the taste of truffled dishes (48 hours is enough).

Conservation of truffles?

To preserve a truffle with its qualities for longer, the best way is freezing.

If it is large, you can extract it using a vegetable peeler without defrosting it and put it back in the freezer for future uses.

Prefer fresh truffles to canned truffles which have little shine. The fatty substances perfectly preserve the smell and qualities of the truffle. Avoid cooking it for too long, integrate it as much as possible at the last moment.

Buy fresh Périgord truffle (tuber melanosporum)

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Derivative products :

Sales of verrines of first boiling Périgord truffles.


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Purchasing and shipping your Truffle order

To buy or order your truffles, you can contact us

-by mail : Mr and Mrs BARRANGER Eric

750 Route des Mérigots 24210 Gabillou

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Truffles will be sent by Chronopost by colissimo, Chronopost is the responsibility of the buyer after vacuum-packing the fresh truffles and paying in advance for the order.

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